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Man, it's been so long I've almost forgotten how to update my journal lol.

Anyway, I haven't done one of these in a while so I said I would for old time's sake =)

The 'Facts About Me' Meme!

General info

-Name/username: Joanna/Marmonica
-Birthday: 25th July
-Current age: 25
-Nationality: Irish
-Current residence: Ireland
-Person I got this meme from: :iconisriana:

Favourite things

-Favourite sea creature: Jelly fish or the googly-eyed glass squid ^_^
-Favourite type of vehicle: Magic carpet
-Favourite time of day: Evening
-Favourite article of clothing: Probably my colouredy DCs.
-Favourite period of history: Ancient Rome/Greece
-Favourite word: Spelunking


-A country I'd like to visit: Belgium
-A talent I don't have but would like to have: Eh...singing maybe?
-A subject I wish I could take in school: Creative writing
-A fictional thing I wish was real: Pretty much anything I nerdgasm for...which is a lot of things.
-Something I want to do before I die: Publish a story or make a video game
-Something I wish had happened in a movie or book: Wish that I was in it lol.

If I were...

-If I were an animal, I would be a: cat
-If I were given the opportunity to go into space, I would: Carve my name in the moon big enough for people on Earth to see =D
-If I were to develop a superpower, my superpower would be: Super speed!
-If I were able to use a time machine, I would: Not use it. If we've learned anything from movies it's that time is not meant to be tampered with lol.
-If I were an actor, my favourite role would be: Lara Croft or some other action hero.
-If I were able to meet my idol, living or dead, it would be: Awesome. I would take them out for smoothies ^_^


-A song that makes me happy: Lately, anything by Blue Oyster Cult
-A song that makes me sad: Hurt -Johnny Cash
-A song I can't stop listening to: Anything by Blue Oyster Cult lol
-A song I can't stand: That One Direction song that was released around Christmas.  Grrr!
-A song I like to sing: Whatever is stuck in my head at the time.
-A song I wish I'd written: There are too many to pick just one >.<

Least favourite things

-Least favourite food: Olives. Yech!
-Least favourite chore to do: Laundry
-Least interesting outing: Clothes shopping. Never can find anything I like.
-Least favourite hairstyle: That stupid messy bun on top of a girl's head. Looks fucking stupid >.< Grr!
-Least favourite subject at school: Home Economics. Glad I had the option to drop it after first year.
-Least favourite season: Spring. So much rain >.>

Love it/Hate it

-Internet drama: Hate it
-Reality TV: Urgh, hate it
-Going to social gatherings/parties: Love it
-Canned laughter/laughter tracks on comedy shows: Meh
-Coffee: Love it
-Gift wrapping things: Love it

And finally

-Do you like to daydream?: That's pretty much all I do so yeah...
-Where would you like to be in a year's time?: Not here.
-Are you afraid of the dark?: Sometimes...
-Do you like looking at the sky, night or day?: Yes, both
-Did you enjoy the last movie you watched?: The Hobbit. Yes it rocked =D
-If you met a version of you from another dimension, let's say a fantastical, crazy dimension, what do you think your other self would be like?: Pink hair. Magical gemstone embedded in forehead for doing magic things.  Probably the queen of everything.
  • Mood: dA Love
  • Reading: Steampunk
  • Playing: Pokemon Black 2
  • Eating: Chocolate


Favourite genre of music: Lots
Favourite style of art: Lots

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